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Auto locksmith services are available for those times when you get in a tight spot and need a hand getting your keys out of a locked car. We have a mobile locksmith service that can come out and unlock your car door and it usually takes less than a half an hour.

A Simple Door Unlock

Getting keys out from a locked car is a fairly simple process however the correct tools are required and the right training to use those tools. Our lock out techs have years of experience and training so most lock out services are handled in just minutes. Beware of someone who is just passing by and offers you help, we have shown up to several customers in the past who let somebody who was just passing by and tried to help but ended up causing major damage to the vehicles car door and paint. Besides if somebody off the street tells you that they know how to open a car door on they are most likely a thief, don’t let them anywhere near you or your car. Tow Trucks San Diego

Door Unlocked Guaranteed

We are confidant in our company auto locksmiths and we are sure that they can unlock your vehicles door when the keys are locked inside. So give us a call when you need help getting into a car with the keys locked inside. We will help you out. If for some reason that we cannot open your cars door then we will not charge you anything, not even for coming out. There are some cases when car doors cannot be unlocked, if this is the case we can have your vehicle towed to the specific car dealership where the proper locksmith services can take place. The vehicles that have high security door lock systems are: Land Rover, Mini Cooper, and some BMW’s.

Servicing All Of San Diego

The San Diego Towing Network provides service to all of San Diego south county and can respond to most auto locksmith services in under 30 minutes. When you lock your keys in the car you can count on us to unlock your car door for you. We provide fast, friendly and honest door unlock service at a reasonable price. Please don’t be fooled by scam artist locksmith companies in San Diego that try to trick you with confusing prices, most of the time they give out an extremely low “service fee” but by the time they finally come out and unlock the car door the price skyrockets and they bully you into paying well over $100 dollars for a basic car unlock service.

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Enough – Get Your Keys Back Now!


Don’t hesitate to call we are here to help and this type of thing happens all the time.

Serving : San Diego – North Park – Mission Valley – La Mesa – Lemon Grove – Spring Valley – Chula Vista – National City – San Ysidro – Imperial Beach

Children Locked In The Car – San Diego Fire

man looking at keysMost of the time when you lock your keys in the car it is at the worst possible time. It usually happens when you’re in a rush or already running late for an appointment. But if you call the San Diego Towing network to help you out you don’t have to worry too much. Most of the time we can come out to your car within 30 minutes and have it open in less than five minutes after that. So don’t hesitate to call for help because the sooner that you call us the sooner that we can come out and unlock your car door for you. There are some cases one unlocking a car door is not possible by a local locksmith or towing company. Some vehicles have high-security deadlock systems that will not allow us to open the door with our basic unlock tools. These are usually a high-end or luxury vehicles that require the dealership to order a new laser cut key for the vehicle. When you call us for help one of the first things that we will ask you was what type of vehicle you have. If your vehicle is one of the few vehicles that we cannot unlock then we can certainly help you told that vehicle to the dealership so that they can help you out. But in most cases it is a matter of using our unless tools to reach inside the door and either push the electronic button or manually pull or push the unlock button. In most cases this only takes a few minutes and your door is unlocked and you will have access to your keys and be on your way. Sometimes people locked their keys in the car with the engine running. As long as your car is in good running condition there is no damage that will occur to your car. The only time the damage may occur is if your car has some type of cooling problem and there is a danger of the car overheating. But in most cases there is not an issue and we can come out and unlock your car door without any issue, most vehicles burn very little fuel while idling so that should not be a major concern.