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Towing Service

- Mechanic Shop
- Tow Home
- Auto Body Shop (Collision Repair)

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Towing Service

Jump Start

Dead Battery?
No Problem, We'll Get You Going Again With A Jump Start Service.
You'll Be Back On The Road In No Time!

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Jump Start

Keys Locked In The Car

We'll Help You Get Them Back Quick With Our Auto Locksmith Services.
If You Keys Are Locked Inside The Car Or Truck
We Can Pop It Open For You!

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Keys Locked In The Car


Don't Get Duped Or Scammed By Dishonest Companies With Bait And Switch (Confusing) Prices

Need To Find The Most Reliable Towing San Diego Has To Offer

Here at the San Diego Towing network we hope that you don’t ever have to call us. Don’t get us wrong you should call whenever you need help. But would rather that you would just keep driving along safely and directly to your home office or wherever else you may be going. We are proud to serve San Diego and provide towing services such as jump start service, flat tire service, keys locked in the car, and fuel deliveries. But we also hope that you stay safe out there and follow the rules of the road. Here are five rules of the road that you should always adhere to. Follow these and most of the of the time you’ll be just fine. Follow them not and you may be giving us a call unexpectedly. Remember to drive safely and always be alert San Diego was a large city and just like any large city you get the good and the bad all mixed together. Every single day you are driving among some of the worst drivers in the world. You need to do your part to stay diligent and focused while you’re traveling. We also provide the finest motorcycle towing San Diego has to offer. If you are in the San Diego’s South Bay we offer towing Chula Vista, as well.

What People Are Saying About The San Diego Towing Network

Breaking down in the middle of rush hour traffic is never any fun, actually fear and anxiety is a better description but I got a hold of the San Diego Towing Network right after doing a quick phone search and they sent a tow right out to me. Since I was stuck on the 8 freeway in Mission Valley I couldn’t really give them accurate directions to where I was at but the tow dispatcher was very friendly and patient with me. A long story short they found out exactly where I was and helped me out. Thanks!

I would happily recommend the San Diego Towing Network to anyone in need of towing in San Diego. Thanks again guys!

Peter P., North Park, San Diego, CA

Getting stuck downtown in a no parking zone has to be one of the most stressful things you can image and as Murphy’s Law would have it I almost got ticketed, but the officer was actually friendly and offered to help me find a tow company. Out of all the towing companies that I called I was only able to find one service that was able to come out quickly (less than 20 min) it was San Diego Towing Network.

I’ve lived in San Diego all my life and never needed a truck before so I don’t know what to compare this experience to but from what I hear I got very lucky with the San Diego Tow Network. I have used cheap towing service before but ended waiting for two and a half hours before getting picked up, these guys were fair priced and honest.

Andy C., La Jolla, San Diego, CA

I don’t usually write testimonials but I just feel obligated because I was in a real jam one morning when my car wouldn’t start after attending a car auction in San Diego, imagine that. I assumed that I was going to need to tow my car over to the auto repair shop for a diagnostic and repair so I called the San Diego Towing Network to send a tow truck to take my car down to my mechanic on Main st.

The tow truck driver asked me a few questions about my car and suggested that we try a jump start before we tow the car. Low and behold my car started up just fine, the tow truck driver even did a quick measurement to test the alternator to make sure my car wasn’t going to poop out a few miles down the road. I was able to drive myself to the Toyota dealership and get a new battery. Thanks fellas!

John C., South San Diego, CA


Towing Services That We Don’t Offer:

Although we offer many roadside services we do not offer some things that other companies may. One of the things we stay away from is so called “cheap towing”, many companies advertise that they provide towing services at extremely low prices and fool a lot of people into calling them out. The problem is that once the service is complete they add in all kinds of hidden fees, these companies also use intimidation to get people to pay up, they threaten to impound the vehicle or put a lien on it until you pay their outrageous prices. They will also block a vehicle after a service call until the bill is paid. These are actually illegal tactics and can and should be punished by the law. We prefer to have people know and understand the cost of the service upfront with out any surprises. When looking for the best towing San Diego has to offer consider calling the San Diego Towing Network first!

We also do not provide auto repair, car auctions or a cash for cars program. We do however offer a free abandoned car pick up if a vehicle has been abandoned on your property. Junk car towing is also available if you would like an old vehicle removed from your home or business. We do not provide a dolly rental service either but we do have wreckers available for short and medium distance hauls. Motorcycle towing is not one of our specialties, we tow light duty passenger car, trucks and SUV’s. We try to stay away from Craigslist San Diego advertising because we’re not in the business of cheap towing San Diego.


Okay so let’s start off with rule number one rule number one is being a focused driver. You want to be a focus driver because looking away from the road even for just a few seconds increases your chances of getting in an accident greatly. But I hate this radio station. Or I hate this song. Or I just need to text the office to let them know that I am running late. All sorry and sad excuses for causing an accident, right? Well many of us have been driving for years and years and feel like we can drive with our hands tied behind her back, we simply cannot take our eyes off the road for any amount of time. Checking your email, putting on makeup, eating your breakfast, and just trying to program a new Pandora radio station are all bad ideas to do while you are driving. Here’s a good idea for safe driving: when you turn on your car how about turning off your phone? Yes I know it sounds hard but really it will save lives.


Let’s move on to rule number two which is aggressive driving. Most people on the road seem like they’re in a big rush. It seems like today more than ever people are living fast-paced and busy lives. From soccer moms to business executives to the bus driver we all need to slow down. Excessive speed can be a killer, cars are not made to travel at the speeds that exceed safe driving. The tires are rated for a certain speed, your brakes are rated to stop at a certain speed and the roads are not created for racing. If we all slow down a whole lot I could guarantee you that body shops and towing companies would soon go out of business. Just kidding, well probably not that probably would really happen. Another problem with aggressive driving is the total lack of courtesy that we offer to other drivers when we drive in such a manner. We have all seen the news clips of road rage is gone bad. Damage to personal property and or even loss of life. Such a thing is totally unnecessary. We should all take the tip slow down and be courteous to others. I have personally witnessed two people racing down the road trying to cut one each other one another off and in the process one of the cars actually flipped over onto its side. Tragic but real life.


Rule three-oh bail the traffic loss. Most of us ignore traffic laws on a semi regular basis. We speed, we roll through stop signs, and we try and beat the red light. Taking such negligent actions is very irresponsible yet we do it all the time. We drive larger vehicles that way anywhere from 3000 to 7000 pounds and we dart them in and out of traffic turning corners right around pedestrians sometimes with no caution it all.
How many times have you failed to signal and almost sideswiped a car in your blind spot? Come on, we’ve all done it. But simple things like signaling when we switch lanes advise other drivers are our intentions and that mistake in our part can help be avoided by something as simple as that.


Rule number four: become a smooth operator. Your vehicle however advanced it is and however computer controlled it is. Can really only do a few simple tasks. Your vehicle can accelerate when you press on the gas, it can come to a stop when you press him a break and it can turn for you when you use the steering wheel. Learning how to do these three things smoothly will keep you in control of your car at all times. Do any of these things rough or with haste and you will experience the helplessness of being in a car it’s out-of-control headed on to a tree other vehicle or even worse pedestrian. Look at it this way you should be able to drive your car with a raw egg sitting on the roof and it never falling off your car. Okay that’s a bit much. But still your passengers had should not be whipping back when you accelerate or snapping forward when you break. Get the idea? Find out about more towing laws San Diego.

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